Below are answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked.

Q: How fast can you edit/translate my article?

A: We can usually return an article for editing in less than a week. Translation can take slightly longer. When we receive a request, we always return with a price and time estimate. If you have a very tight deadline, e-mail or call us to find out if we can meet it.

Q: How much will it cost to edit/translate my paper?

A: Send it in to us and we will return with a price and time estimate. In general, we can edit 600-1000 words per hour depending on the subject area and language quality. We charge 480 SEK per hour for editing. We need to see a translation in order to provide a price estimate.

Q: Are your editors/translators native English-speakers?

A: All of our editors and translators are native English-speakers.

Q: Can you edit/translate a paper in my topic?

A: We have editors and translators with academic training in most scholarly and scientific fields. Our editors and translators are very experienced with academic language, and will do the necessary research to make sure that your text contains the correct topic-specific terminology.

Q: Can you translate to other languages than English?

A: We work closely with translators to all EU languages. This co-operation allows us to offer general translation to other languages.

Q: How do you mark the edited documents?

A: When we edit an article, the editor makes the changes directly in the computer document, and marks all changes with MS Word's "Track Changes" function. This makes it both easy to see what changes have been made, and easy to correctly incorporate the editor's suggestions. A detailed list of comments from the editor is also included with every returned document.

Q: Will my document be in American or British English?

A: We can produce documents in either British or American English.